This Arrested Development Fighting Game Needs To Become A Reality


Brian Anderson made quite a splash a couple months ago for his YouTube video about what AMC’s Breaking Bad would look like as a LEGO game. The result was a flawless blending of the show’s dark storyline and the brand of humor one finds in every LEGO game. Needless to say, it’s a game I’d kill to play. Well Anderson’s gone and done it again, mixing great TV shows with video games, and has given us “BluthFighter” a “proof of concept” video showing the Bluth family of Arrested Development duke it out Mortal Kombat style!

arrested-development-fighting game 1

While the video only shows off Gob and Tobias dueling on the boardwalk, it’s clear that Anderson realizes the potential an Arrested Development fighting game has. Anderson cleverly weaves in fighting game tropes with references from the show like Tobias’ “douche chill” freeze attack a la Sub Zero, and the tagging in of Tony Wonder (complete with the line “Did somebody say wonder?”) and Carl Weathers to mix things up with their own unique combos. Not only that, but Anderson also brings in some hilarious references to the show in the form of trophies and humorous images hidden in the background. Considering the video says Anderson and his buddies would be more than willing to make this game a reality the question I find myself asking is: Why isn’t there the Kickstarter for this game yet?

Below is the video for your viewing pleasure:

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You can check out more of Anderson’s videos on his YouTube channel here.

What do you think? Do you think this would make a great game? Would you contribute to a Kickstarter to make it happen? Let us know in the comments section. 


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